Nouvio Organic Skincare is offering a complete organic skincare line of certified organically grown, food grade ingredients and certified organic, uncut, and undiluted essential oils and synergies. We take pride in the fact that we use no chemicals, propyls or parabens in any of our Face skincare products. We package in glass containers rather than plastics to prevent the degradation and oxidization of our vital ingredients. At Nouvio, our focus is on vitality and synergy. Our uncompromising, holistic philosophy is what makes us unique in. We have created an entire line of natural formulas that work together, synergistically, providing a result that is greater than any of its individual parts. Often we hear of a feature’s single “wonder” ingredient, and marketed as a skincare product. Each of our ingredients, separately, could be considered a “wonder” ingredient, and marketed as the core of a product line. Nouvio blends these vital ingredients together to produce a far more potent and long-lasting result for the skin than any one ingredient could accomplish on its own.